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What is in a Mosquito Control Spray Treatment?

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A mosquito control spray treatment is when a backpack mist blower is used to blow a formulated solution onto structures and vegetation that mosquitoes will breed, rest, or find harborage in. This application is administered to reduce the local mosquito populations giving the owner of the property greater mosquito control.  It may be administered for a one-time treatment, but for better/ longer lasting control we encourage a 21-25 day spray cycles. 

Four active ingredients are added to the water which include: a knockdown agent, a long-lasting residual, an IGR flushing agent and a synergist. These four active ingredients combine to create a very effective combination for controlling the mosquito population (as well as 30 other insects) for a long period of time.  By understanding the biology of the multiple species prevalent in our area we can perform a targeted treatment with the most advanced formulations on the market.

  1. Flushing Agent – Immediately upon application it flushes insects out of their hiding places and quickly reduces the existing population.
  2. Long lasting Residual – Provides continued reduction in new populations that are in search of harborage or breeding sites.  
  3. IGR – Effectively interrupts the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes, causing adult females to lay non-viable eggs or prevent larvae from developing into adults.  Due to its photo-stability, and affinity for organic and inorganic matter it bonds well to surfaces like concrete and organic material and provides extended residual control in sunlight.
  4. Synergist – Partners with all the active ingredients causing them to become more effective and also limits the viability of an insect to develop an immunity to the insecticides being used.( Speed the efficacy of the insecticides and overcomes any metabolic resistance that may develop in some populations of mosquitoes.

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