Customer Service


We will provide an onsite inspection and itemized quote. Our staff will then professionally install your system to specifications in a seamless and inconspicuous manner. We will then orientate you on the operation of your new system.


Installations - We offer varying levels of service for installations whether we installed the system or another company installed the system. These service options will reflect the customer’s needs and we can even teach the customer how to service the system by themselves if they wish.

Insect Treatments - Depending upon the situation and the insect we will apply whatever solution, granules or solid form of insecticide is necessary to control the pest. With most applications comes a guarantee to the customer. Flea or Tick Treatments - 90 days; Scorpion Treatment - 90 days; Fire Ant Treatment - 1 Year

Gutter/Tree Service - We clean your gutters in an effort to limit mosquito breeding areas. Trim your tree limbs so that insect cannot gain entry into your home or to limit the areas where mosquitoes can effectively harbor in your yard.


Cooling Mist Fan Rental - 24” portable high pressure white pedestal mist fans that can oscillate at a 90 degree angle if needed. We will take care of delivery, setup, tear-down and return.

O2 Breezer - 36” portable evaporative cooling fan that blows a large volume of cooled air in a broad spectrum. We will take care of delivery, setup, tear-down and return.

Customer Referral Program

Referrals from satisfied customers are our primary method of marketing. When a customer makes a referral they are placing a great deal of trust in our business. As a result, we want to demonstrate our appreciation by giving our customers credit toward future installations, service plans, service calls or rentals. If you refer a customer that buys a:

  • Insect Control System Installation - $100 credit
  • Cooling System Installation -  $100 credit
  • Heating System Installation - $100 credit
  • Any other service or rental - $10 credit

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