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Features of Insect Misting Systems

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One of the best lawn insect control methods are insect misting systems. These are cutting-edge pest control pump units that conveniently deliver one to five - 30 second mist cycles on a daily basis. There are 130 gallon, 55 gallon and tankless units available. These systems come with analog or digital control units. They can be equipped with various “bells and whistles” including an anti-siphon device, agitation, leak detection, external filter kit, remote control and smart phone compatibility.

  • Anti-Siphon Device – keep solution from being siphoned out and helps keep the nozzles from dripping before and after a mist cycle
  • Agitation – mixes the solution regularly which cuts down on the amount of coagulation that builds up with the tank
  • Leak Detection – a flow meter measures the amount of solution that is pumped from the system and communicates if there is too little or too much solution leaving the tank.
  • External Filter Kit – filters out any debris that is pumped out of the tank before it reaches the nozzle tips while allowing the insecticide to pass through.
  • Remote Control – used to set off a mist cycle, stop a mist cycle or to skip the next mist cycle
  • Smart Phone Capability – allows the system to be fully operated from any electronic device

The tankless units are also equipped with additional features such as an inline water filter, mini-bellows pump, rain sensor or wind sensor.

  • Inline Water Filter – filters out any debris coming from the faucet before it enters the system
  • Mini-Bellows Pump – measures out the exact number of drops that need to be added to the batch tank and can easily be adjusted
  • Rain Sensor – keeps system from misting if it is raining too much
  • Wind Sensor – keeps system from misting if the wind speed is too high

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