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Are termites a concern for you as a homeowner? Would you like to keep carpenter ants from getting into your home? These are both questions that any homeowner should be asking themselves. Termites and carpenter ants are plentiful in our area and are always looking for more ways to take a bite out of the wood in your home. We offer a number of options for termite control.

  1. Bait Treatment - In-ground bait stations that can be checked and replenished once a year. These stations are capable of eliminating an entire colony of termites thus eliminating the threat. This service is offered as a part of our Home Basic Plus plan.
  2. Soil Treatment (partial and full) - A trench is dug around the perimeter of the home and termiticide is sprayed into the soil then the soil is replaced. Termiticide is also injected below the interior slab around plumbing fixtures. This will eliminate an active termite infestation of the home and will prevent future termite infestations. (price will range from $100 - $1800)
  3. Wood Treatment - On a home that has already been built wood injections and foams can be used by injecting them directly into walls to control termites.

Concerning carpenter ants, through any of our home pest control plans we limit access into your home so that carpenter ants cannot easily gain entry. Yet, if they are able to enter, we apply a bait that they take back to the colony and within a few days the colony is eliminated or if we can find the colony, we eliminate them directly.


Do you need a WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) report for a real estate transaction? We are licensed and capable of performing this service.


Do you need a termite pre-treatment for a home or commercial build you are performing? We are licensed and capable of performing this service using either of two methods.

  1. Soil pre-treatment is a two-step process. First step is to spray all the soil that will be under the slab of the house. The second step is to dig a trench around the perimeter of the home after it has been finished and landscaped, then add chemical to the soil and replace the soil.
  2. Wood treatment is performed in one step when the home is being built. While the home is “dried in,” right before insulation, the exposed wood is sprayed with a surface application of borate 2’ up from the slab. This protects against termites, wood rot and mildew.

Bait System
Bait System

Soil Treatment
Soil Treatment

Wood Treatment
Wood Treatment

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